The list of rock stars accepting the ice bucket challenge in the name of fighting Lou Gehrig's disease just keeps getting bigger and bigger -- but no rock star has done it in as environmentally friendly of a way as singer-songwriter Ben Folds.

Taking the challenge in his Los Angeles home -- after being nominated by several people, including Bob Saget -- Folds made sure to stay aware of the current drought the state of California is experiencing. So, he had his son take the "appropriate amount of water" from the toilet and a single ice cube and dump it on his head (as much as you can dump an eyedropper full of water and one ice cube).

In addition to his earth-conscious challenge, Folds donated to the ALS Association -- raising both awareness and money for the cause. Get details on the ALSA, ice bucket challenge and more here.

And as you figure out how you'll do your ice bucket challenge, just know that nothing you do will be as good as the Foo Fighters' video.

Foo Fighters Accept Ice Bucket Challenge