Writing about your significant other is not an easy feat. First of all, you kind of have to get permission. Then, what if you want to be negative? What if you want to write about all of the horrible things that you do to each other. How do you blend those low moments with times of pure bliss?

That's the point Florida-based singer Rickolus is trying to make. Life and relationships are messy, but there's beauty in the chaos. His latest album, 'Troubadour,' is a testament to his wife and their marriage. It's filled with pop anxiety and rock antagonism, but it all comes together in the end.

Rickolus' single 'Snow Globes' is a standout moment on the new release. It toes the line between heart-on-sleeve piano ballad and high school drum line.

"Sometimes you make out with someone and your brain explodes," Richard Colado (aka Rickolus) tells Diffuser.fm "It changes everything you thought about the world, that's what 'Snow Globes' is about for me, one of those moments."

Take a peek into Rickolus' life by downloading the song below.

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