In recent years, the talk against attractions like Sea World has grown as animal rights activists make their voices louder and louder. The latest to shout down the theme park is Tim McIlrath of the band Rise Against. In a video press release from PETA, McIlrath said, “Animals in circuses like Ringling Bros. and marine parks like SeaWorld were kidnapped from their families or born into a life of captivity." He adds, “In the wild, orcas often live 30 to 50 years. In captivity, orcas often don't live beyond their teens."

“Trainers have sometime used food deprivation to force animals to perform tricks," he continues. "Animals deserve a life that’s better than this. I make a choice every time I go out onstage, I choose to perform. Animals in captivity don’t get to make that choice.”

McIlrath joins a long line of rock acts to take a stand against these institutions. Last year, following the uproar caused by the fascinating documentary film 'Blackfish' -- which informed viewers of the inhumane treatment whales held in captivity endure -- a number of bands, including Cheap Trick, Willie Nelson, Heart, and Barenaked Ladies, all pulled out of Sea World related events.