Life sucks sometimes, so we defend ourselves by retreating back into our shells to pursue a dissociative state of mind. It's a great mechanism if you want to escape irreparable emotional damage. But if we allow ourselves to ignore reality for too long, then it's going to be hell waking back up again.

L.A.'s Rival Tides have given this concept some legs, pairing it with biting distortion, arena-sized vocals and great modern emo.

"'My Insomnia' is about the things that keep us up late at night: our goals and ambitions, as well as our stress over things that can't be changed," drummer Greg Fulleman tells, describing the band's new single, today's free MP3.

"Once you learn how to leave the past behind and move forward, life can become a lot easier," he adds. "'My Insomnia' is the opening track on our new self-titled EP and is a concept that we think a lot of listeners will be able to identify with."

Rival Tides' debut self-titled EP is available now via Pizza Time Records. Download 'My Insomnia' below!

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