Poker-faced Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo decided to do a little Internet trolling. At some point within the last week, Cuomo made a few changes to his Twitter page: His name is (for right now, anyway) listed as Kurt Cuobain. In his profile picture, he's wearing some throwback sunglasses and his hair is now a lovely shade of blonde, as is evident below:

Kurt Coubain

In case you haven't noticed, an old rumor concerning Cuomo's origins has been circulating around the internet. Back in 2011, someone posted a theory that late Nirvana mastermind Kurt Cobain faked his own death, then adopted the persona of a mild-mannered fellow by the name of Rivers Cuomo and formed a little alt-rock project called Weezer.

Kurt-is-Rivers theorists point to a secret show in 1998 at which members of Weezer, including Cuomo, played a set of Nirvana covers. You can listen to them performing "Breed" here and judge for yourself:

This rumor has been popping up since at least 2003, when lonely paranoiacs were still blossoming and coming into their own on the world wide web. Today, the rumor is alive and well, complete with a Facebook page seemingly dedicated to posting pictures of both frontmen side-by-side and insisting that they look just alike.

To add to the rumor mill, Cuomo proclaimed his love for Nirvana in a recent interview. He described the first time he heard them:

It was just one of those things where, by the time it got through the first chorus, I was just running around the store. The music turned me on so much. It had the simplicity of the Velvet Underground in the structure and the chords and the lyrical theme—it was talking about family issues from this very innocent perspective. It had the melody and the major chord progression of the pop music I love, like ABBA, but also this sense of destructiveness that I had in me, and it came out in this new hybrid style.

We here at Diffuser are, of course, a bit skeptical. Wacky conspiracy theories like these are pretty unbelievable -- but they're usually a lot of fun to read.

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