The success of Weezer's cover of "Africa" might cause some reciprocation on the part of Toto. A pair of Los Angeles DJs are trying to get Toto to record something by Weezer.

On KROQ yesterday (July 25), afternoon DJs Stryker and Klein thought it would be fun to bat around the idea of Toto turning the tables. Fans contacted the station with their suggestions of which Weezer hit Toto should try.

As it turned out, Toto guitarist Steve Lukather was listening, and he reached out to the pair via Twitter. "Hey @KROQ and @TedStryker, we heard you talking about us on the radio," he wrote. "Let's talk... soon. (DM us)"

By the end of their shift, Striker and Klein were making plans to meet with the band. Klein, who only recently joined the station said, "iI looks like I picked the right week to start hanging off Stryker's coattails."

Last month, Lukather hinted at the idea of covering Weezer. "Now, wait until they hear our Weezer cover we just started recording, and will be out in the next couple of months," he told Variety. "I dig them. I was never really aware of them outside their hits, but my kids hipped me to them. They are really good, inventive and quirky, hooks for days. Thanks to Weezer for doing this. We’re thankful for the gift."

In December, a teenager named Mary started a Twitter campaign to get Weezer to record "Africa." She said it "was just a goofy joke. It was from [when] Weezer was talking about [how] they were inspired for their new album Daydream. ... So I jokingly said, 'Oh, I bet they were inspired by ‘Africa’ by Toto for their new album.' ... It was just an absurd joke. And then I was like, 'I wonder if I can get them to cover the song?'”

In May, after several months of trying, which included a thumbs-up from Toto singer David Paich and Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson thinking it was funny, the band released their own version. "I don't know what's next," Mary said. "Just let me enjoy this for a while."

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