For Rob Decoup, music videos are much more than just visuals to attach to a song. In his last video, 'War Hero,' Decoup took what was already an anti-war tune and created a visual experience that celebrated Ukraine's quest to break free from Russia (it was banned all over Russia). Today (Feb. 3), Diffuser is thrilled to debut Decoup's follow-up, 'Roll,' from his upcoming full-length record, 'Rays of Sun' -- check it out in the video above.

'Roll' is packed full of intense musical arrangements and relatable lyrics that will likely appeal to a vast audience. Overflowing with '90s-era guitar licks and a non-stop groove throughout, the song has an underlying message beneath its rock and roll.

"It's anti-conformist, challenging socioreligious dogmas," Decoup explains to us. "It was inspired partly by the scene in 'Fight Club' where the protagonist is in a speeding car and encouraged to 'just let go' of the steering wheel. That image has stayed in my head and has always fascinated me."

As for the video, Decoup says, "I wanted it to have psychedelic glimpses of hedonism, chaos and seduction, and I think the talented cast in L.A. did a great job reflecting that."

'Roll' is a song that needs to be cranked up to 11, and it fits nicely in Decoup's classic rock-tinged, alt rock-soaked record, 'Rays of Sun,' set for release this spring (30-percent of all sales of the LP are going to the organization 'Books for Soldiers'). You can stay up-to-date with everything happening in Decoup's world at his official website here.