In a story straight outta 1957, a group of rock fans were kicked out of a bar over the weekend because of the way they were dressed. Yes, this is 2014. And no, none of them was even sporting an offensive swastika on a cheek like the lovely lady in the above photo.

The six people were booted from the City Tavern in Newcastle, England, because of their heavy-metal attire. Which, apparently, is something the newly renovated pub frowns upon.

According to the Evening Chronicle, Claire "Metal Zed" Warnes, Kristina Stegs, Hadrian "Fistkill" Lannen, Gary "Saxon" Smith, "Wolfy" Rose Swainston, Lee "Anderbro" Anderson and Helen "Gaffa" Gaffney were asked by the bar's owner to leave. Because of the way they were dressed, not because one of them casually answers to "Fistkill."

At first, they were served and there were no problems. Then they were asked to switch tables. Then they were finally told to leave. Because of the way they were dressed. In 2014.

"Anderbro" told the paper, “The owner insisted that the pub has no dress code, yet he also said, ‘You’ve came in here with Slayer T-shirts and belts, it’s not a good look,’ despite none of us wearing Slayer T-shirts or even being fans of the band.”

Not even Slayer fans, and they were still kicked out? What's going on here?

To make matters worse, before its recent overhaul, the City Tavern used to host something called Rock Nights, which was super-popular and which presumably welcomed all kinds of people with Slayer T-shirts and belts. Plus, dogs are allowed in these days.

The pub's Facebook page has been hit with a ton of comments over the past couple days, almost every single one of them siding with the kicked-out metal fans. And several of them take issue with the photos of the dogs enjoying their open-armed visit to the City Tavern. "Nice to know that dogs are held in a higher regard than Rock/Metal fans," said one reader. "How can you be 100% sure that dog isn't a Slayer fan?" asked another.

Unfortunately, your grandpa wasn't available for comment.