Oh, my. What's going on here with Thom Yorke and Clay Aiken? Actually, which one is Thom Yorke and which one is Clay Aiken?

The Radiohead frontman and the 'American Idol' runner-up sure are looking like pretty much the same guy in the above photos, don't ya think? In fact, Aiken -- who's on the right, by the way -- even has the start of Yorke's crazy-eye thing going on. And then there's the hair, even though it's usually Yorke who sports the spiky do and Aiken who has the floppy fall-over.

Plus, they both go for that button-down-shirt-beneath-a-blazer look favored by rock stars who want to class up their appearance and college professors. But as far as we can tell, the similarities stop there. Yorke fronts one of the most important bands of the past 25 years; Aiken was a contestant on the fifth season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice.' And Yorke fronts a side project called Atoms for Peace. Aiken? He makes guest spots on TV shows like Lifetime's 'Drop Dead Diva.' Hopefully, he wasn't doing that crazy-eye thing on there.

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