Two alt-rock heavyweights. Two boyish faces staring pensively. They're two different guys, but My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and Smashinbg Pumpkins mastermind Billy Corgan sure do look one and the same here, don't they?

Over the years, both men have changed their looks. Way started out with long brown hair, trimmed it, dyed it platinum blond, then dyed it a Nicki Minaj-style pink / orange color, highlighted it with green streaks for a short time and is now back to a shaggier brown-haired look. Corgan too started with long, flowing locks, but then shaved it all off, sported some top stubble for a while and lately has been wearing several different styles of hats to cover his chrome dome.

These days, wrestling aficionado Corgan is shilling for a Chicago furniture retailer. Way, meanwhile, has been working on some high-profile, and well-respected, comic books. But neither has given up on music. They both promise new music by their respective bands soon.

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