Rocking U.K. duo Royal Blood recently made an appearance on BBC's Live Lounge and tore through a searing version of the Police classic, "Roxanne." Check it out in the video below.

"Hey it's me Sting and this is Stu, we're the Police," Royal Blood bassist Mike Kerr exclaimed. "Check out our new single 'Roxanne' on Radio One Live Lounge. We're also covering Royal Blood's 'Out of the Black.'"

The duo (which also includes drummer Ben Thatcher) took the tried and true Sting tune, stripped away any lingering thoughts of reggae, and pumped it full of steroids. In the process, they managed to turn it into a riff-heavy monster.

It's been a fast rise to public view for these guys, but as they said in a recent interview, they are hardly an overnight sensation. "We've been making music, and been in bands for, I mean, 10 years together, but the first band I was in, I was 12," Kerr says. "So just because this band seemed to land on its feet quickly, I don't think it was an overnight success. You don't see the other side to it, you just see us, now."

Royal Blood's U.S. tour kicks off in April and includes stops at both Coachella and Bonnaroo.

Watch Royal Blood Rip Through the Police's "Roxanne"

The Original "Roxanne," Courtesy of the Police

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