Royal Forest, an indie-electronica quartet hailing from Austin, certainly have a flair for the unexpected. If their tunes sound a little faraway, it's probably because of how they were recorded -- far away from proper studios.

The foursome has recorded songs in everything from a single-engine prop plane to a WWII submarine. They even recorded during a lightning storm in the middle of Texas sand dunes. They bring this spirit of experimentation to their live performances as well, ensuring that nothing they produce will be considered run of the mill.

Today, we’re excited to offer ‘Everyone Who Knows You’ for free download. It’s a track from Royal Forest’s forthcoming album, ‘Spillway,’ and it's very much indicative of the group’s unorthodox methods and sounds.

“‘Everyone Who Knows You’ started out as an analog tape loop experiment,” Justin Douglas told “We wanted to write a song through adding and subtracting sound layers on to a short loop of one-half-inch tape we spliced together.”

“We recorded reverse tape organs, a distorted floor tom through an old ‘70s spring reverb, and the recurring vocal melody to create varying spaces within the song," he added. “From there, we arranged a song around the various elements within the loop.”

‘Spillway’ lands July 9 via King Electric Record Company.

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