On Monday (June 15), Run the JewelsKiller Mike Render announced he was running as a write-in candidate for Georgia state representative for Atlanta’s District 55. But after learning that he would need to "officially" enter the race, Render withdrew his bid.

It all started when Render posted an Instagram bearing the campaign slogan, “If I win, we win.” The caption implored voters to write his name on their ballots during Atlanta's special election today as a replacement for former representative Tyrone Brooks.

The post quickly began to amass support, but only a few hours later, Render posted a follow-up video explaining that he can't run due to laws that would've required him to have already completed the necessary paperwork to "officially" enter the race as a write-in candidate.

Later, Render opened up more about his short-lived candidacy in an interview with Noisey. “I had every intention of [running for Georgia state representative], and if it would’ve happened, I would’ve stepped up,” he said. “And if it did, I would’ve done the job.”

However, the Run the Jewels rapper isn’t dissuaded by the fact he can’t run this time around. Instead, he said he was pleased he was able to draw attention to the election.

“The reason why I did it – besides the fact that I think politicians need to understand that people from the regular constituencies are willing to run against them – [is that] I wanted to make people aware that the election was even happening,” he said. “A lot of times elections are lost and the hope of the public is lost because they don’t turn out. So if I, as a celebrity, can get people to pay attention to the fact that there is a vote going on period, then my job is done.”

Render said he still plans to run for office in the future. “The next election I’m probably going to go register as a write-in," he said. "If it would’ve worked, I definitely would’ve been going to Washington to represent the people of Georgia.”

Killer Mike has been forthcoming about his political convictions, recently visiting Real Time With Bill Maher as a guest, helming lectures on race and politics and writing at length about police brutality.