Don't be fooled by Sad Brad Smith's stage name. His new album 'Magic' is anything but sad.

On the opening 'Yippie Yippie, Yippie Yippo,' the singer-songwriter transports his alt-folk music to the barn, where he leads a blazing countrified hoedown.

And while 'Magic' features other uptempo songs like 'Reason to Be' and 'Can't Wait,' it's the more mellow tracks, like 'Begin to Grow,' that show off Smith's sharp skills. His light, airy vocals remind us of lazy summer days, when we kick back on the grass and watch the clouds roll by.

You can hear the entire album, an exclusive premiere, right here:

Smith, who's based in Chicago, combines Americana and Britpop in his music, recalling both the Beatles and James Taylor in his songs.

"All of the songs, at their core, are rooted in Americana and folk music, but stray into stranger territory, with sonic embellishments that cast subtle psychedelic shadows of both cosmic joy and horror," he says.

'Magic,' which comes out tomorrow, is the follow-up to Smith's debut album, 'Love Is Not What You Need,' which featured the song 'Help Yourself' -- a track made famous in the movie 'Up in the Air' starring George Clooney and Anna Kendrick.