Los Angeles power trio Sad Robot might have taken their name from an EP by Stars, but that's about the only similarity one could find between the two indie groups. Their new single 'Hold On' features a skyrocketing chorus that all but screams out to fans of Florence & the Machine and Kings of Leon, urging them to hurry up, get hooked and hold on, literally.

Ready for radio and network television alike, but not without a message, the group's boisterous frontwoman, Katherine Pawlak, tells Diffuser.fm, “We wrote 'Hold On' to give the listener a sense of hope. I wanted to communicate a message of 'Don’t run from your problems -- defy the struggle -- then let it go,' with a full musical sound to back the importance of the meaning."

"FOX picked the song to use for the ‘Bones’ Season 8 premiere promo, as they said the lyrics fit the theme of promo perfectly," Pawlak continues. "The 'Bones' placement has given us a head start on pushing our new album as well as a few new fans too!”

Get your free download of 'Hold On' below.

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