L.A.’s Saint Motel has attracted a large following with their fanciful, slightly psychedelic power-pop and over-the-top live performances. Entertainers through and through, the foursome focuses on both the audio and visual, ultimately creating a dynamic experience for their fans.

So when Keith Sweaty remixed Saint Motel’s new single, ‘My Type,’ he took an already theatrical track and added yet another dimension without pushing it over the edge. Diffuser.fm is pleased to offer Sweaty’s version of the song as today’s free MP3, which you can grab below.

Listening to the updated song, it sounds as if Sweaty hollowed it out and built it back up with bubbling beats on the verge of bursting. However, he maintains the soul of the original, keeping its rich horns and leaving frontman A/J Jackson’s dapper vocals untarnished.

“Saint Motel’s latest, ‘My Type’ caught my attention immediately as a tune with dance floor anthem potential,” he tells Diffuser.fm. “I wanted to hear it with a Midnight Star sort of verse and a Crystal Castles-esque drop. Miami Horror’s ‘I Look to You’ featuring Kimbra was also a big inspiration for my remix, so shout out to Benjamin Plant and the gang.”

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