The last time we heard from the Sam Adams brew crew back in July, they were frolicking around the Boston brewery, obviously enjoying each other's company as they crafted amber lager in the 'For the Love of Beer' commerical. Now, as the world prepares for the arrival of autumn, they are back at and still having a blast as they ready seasonal Octoberfest brew for our consumption pleasure. 

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Tim McMorris was tapped to supply the soundtrack to that ad, and he came through in a big way with 'Overwhelmed,' a warm and inviting, folk-tinged acoustic ditty that matched the spot's vibe perfectly. For the new Octoberfest spot, they again turn to McMorris, who this time around offers 'Made to Be Free,' a slightly more upbeat but none-the-less down-home tune with a timeless melody that's propelled by hand-clap percussion in the chorus. An ode to the joys of autumn, it's the perfect pick for an Octoberfest-themed spot.

After several years selling his tunes in relative obscurity through a crowd sourcing licensing website, 'Overwhelmed' raised Tim McMorris' profile substantially, mostly thanks to the Sam Adams ad. He has since released an official video for the song, which peaked in Amazon's Top 10 in the U.S. under the singer/songwriter category. 'Made to Be Free' recently was similarly released digitally worldwide, and a longer snippet of the song can be previewed here.

Hear 'Made to Be Free' by Tim McMorris in the Sam Adams Octoberfest 2012 Commercial