On the inside, Portland's Sassparilla are a sweet and spicy bluegrass treat, despite their all-black/Tiger Army-on-a-day-off exterior.

Sassparilla is the brainchild of Kevin Blackwell, and on 'Magpie', the trio's latest full length for Fluff & Gravy Records. he lets his diverse musical influences shine through.

"Our past records were genre pieces," Blackwell tells Diffuser.fm. "Magpie was written out of love for all the different kinds of music I enjoy. When I was writing it, I was home with my brand-new twin boys. I'd have my iPod on shuffle or '70s pop Pandora. I got a lot of inspiration that way."

"There was no reason to not write a record that sounded like nine different bands, to write nine songs that fit nine different moods or experiences," he adds.

Grab 'Threadbare' -- bluegrass roots-pop sure to please the ears of Trampled By Turtles and Mumford and Sons fans -- below.

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