Update: Scott Weiland is NOT in jail and has issued a video refuting the claims made by TMZ. It is now being reported that cops arrested a Weiland look-alike. Get the full story here.

Earlier today (Aug. 21), TMZ reported that former Stone Temple Pilots frontman and founding member Scott Weiland was recently arrested and thrown in jail for “stealing razors from a drug store.”

While that may not be enough to land someone in the slammer, police reportedly found meth on the rock star, thus resulting in his incarceration. According to TMZ, he has been behind bars for the last month on $95,000 bond.

Apparently, police officers have been chatting with the celeb news website and told them that Weiland went into a Rite-Aid pharmacy in Beverly Hills and attempted to swipe razors and “other cosmetic items.” After being called out, he tried to make a clean getaway.

Once the cops grabbed him and performed the standard search, they found him in possession of a controlled substance -- meth -- and booked him. Further details on the situation are scarce.

Stay tuned for more as this story develops.

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