It looks like the drama surrounding Scott Weiland's supposed arrest has finally come to a close.

As reported earlier, Weiland announced that he was in fact not in jail as TMZ previously stated. The twist in the story came when it was unveiled that he was, however, arrested according to a report filed with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Inmate Information Center.

Now, for the biggest shocker of all: police actually apprehended a Weiland impersonator and threw him behind bars! Apparently this doppelgänger looked so much like the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman that the police officers booked him as Weiland -- which included filling out the arrest report with his actual birthdate and age.

TMZ, the site that started this whole debacle, is now reporting that the police "went and confronted the unknown man and established he was a knockoff." This rock star look-alike has been in jail since July 26.

If you missed Weiland's statement of freedom, watch it in the video below:

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