Update: It is now being reported that cops arrested a Weiland look-alike. Get the full story here.

It turns out the reason details of Scott Weiland's recently reported arrest were scarce was because, well, he was never actually arrested, at least not according to him. In a video posted on his Facebook fan page, the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman attempts to prove his innocense and called out TMZ. "It's a lie," he matter-of-factly states.

Earlier today (Aug. 21), the celeb gossip website reported that Weiland was arrested for burglary -- stealing razors at a Rite-Aid pharmacy in Beverly Hills -- and possession of a controlled substance -- meth. Not only that, but the site reported that he was currently in jail and had been there for the last four weeks on a $95,000 bail.

It didn't take long for Weiland to refute the accusation, and as he remarks in the video below, he plans to seek legal action against TMZ.


Now if that isn't enough to intrigue you, maybe this is: Weiland may not be in jail, but he is on record with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Inmate Information Center as being arrested on July 26. The arrest is listed as a felony and Weiland's bail was set at $95,000. Read the full document below (via Loudwire):

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Is the last turn of events in this odd story or is it just the beginning? Stay tuned as it continues to unfold.