Not quite a month has passed since the death of Scott Weiland, but it appears unreleased music from the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman will begin rolling in sooner rather than later.

In 1999, Weiland joined the short-lived supergroup the Wondergirls. The band's lineup also included Failure’s Ken Andrews, the Cult’s Ian Astbury, Puddle of Mudd’s Doug Ardito, Orgy’s Jay Gordon and Ryan Shuck, Porno for Pyros’ Martyn LeNoble, Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Shannon Leto, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath and actor and singer-songwriter Ashley Hamilton. However, label and contractual issues stalled the band’s progress, and they only ended up releasing two songs: “Let’s Go All the Way” and “Drop That Baby.”

Mark Racco directed a video for the latter song (watch below), and he recently commented on the clip’s YouTube page, indicating there are plans for another unreleased Wondergirls track dubbed "Massive Heart Attack" to see the light of day nearly 20 years later:

Keep your fingers crossed I’m currently in negotiations to direct a new Wondergirls video for an unreleased track Scott wrote and performed lead vocals on called ‘Massive Heart Attack’ which in light of his recent passing [will] be very enlightening as he appears to have predicted his own death in the song. The video will be for charity partly benefiting Musicares and partly for Scott’s children.

Listen to an excerpt from the song below:

Alternative Nation also reports there are two unreleased tracks from Weiland’s most recent album Blaster with his backing band the Wildabouts, but, for now, there are no plans for release.

The Wondergirls, "Drop That Baby"

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