Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has been singing like a champ for many years now, which is why we can't help but wonder if he was doing a bit of what the kids call "trolling" during the above performance of the STP classic, "Vasoline."

Weiland sounds a little worse than my ill-fated attempts at singing Hall and Oates at a karaoke bar after a few too many adult beverages. I'd like to think that there's some inside joke going on in this video that we just don't get. It's either that, or his band decided to play the song in a different key and didn't let him know.

Why do we think this might be a sudden act of trolling? In other songs from the same performance, Weiland sounds just fine:

And he, along with his current band, the Wildabouts, regularly include STP songs in their sets, so it's nothing foreign to the group.

Weiland's had a bit of a rough go recently, with false reports of him being arrested, along with the devastating loss of his friend and Wildabouts guitar player Jeremy Brown back in March.

Nobody's perfect. We're just thankful there was no one with a video camera shooting me singing "Rich Girl." Stones and glass houses, right?

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Scott Weiland's "rep" says the performance was a "perfect storm" of a lack of sleep combined with a "couple of drinks before the show." The rep also says Weiland's earpiece wasn't working. But don't worry, the rep says, "We've overnighted him a brand new pair of earbuds and they will be there for his show in Baton Rouge tonight."

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