Alex Brown Church reaches new heights -- both for his solo endeavor, Sea Wolf, and for his personal life --  in his new full length, 'Old World Romance.' Today we give you a taste of what he has on the menu with 'Old Friend.'

Sea Wolf has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a living-room project. In the years since the EP 'Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low,' Church has seen the world over, explored recording with a full band, fallen in and out of love and, of course, told many a heartfelt story with his signature cadence and lonely guitar.

On 'Old Friend,' Church recalls a former playmate, or possibly the symbol of many, and the inevitable parting of ways that comes with age. "One of the goals for this record was I didn’t want it to be as aggressive or as doom-and-gloom as the last record was," Church tells "I wanted this to be a little less intense, and a little bit more smooth, in a way. I played around with different songs starting this record, but I feel like ‘Old Friend' kind of draws you in rather than punches you in the face."

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