Minneapolis MC Sean Anonymous, a boisterous performer of '90s-inspired party rap, appeals to an array of subculture devotees ranging from fest-going new-age bohemians to members of the fraternal order of loyal hip-hop heads.

Diffuser.fm recently learned about the layer of thought that exists beneath his catchy rhymes and playful mixed-media visuals, as we sat down with the rapper to talk about his meaningful and personal single 'Alright.'

"'Alright' is my favorite song on 'Anonymo,'" Sean tells us. "I originally wrote the song about two and a half years ago ... I started writing the song about my father, but after I wrote the chorus, I figured it could pertain to many situations where you miss someone."

As the song evolved, he "started writing the verses after a girl that I was seeing at the time [who] decided to go on a cross country trip which she didn't know if she would come back from."

Interestingly, the girl in question has yet to hear the DJ Corbett-produced track that she inspired. Sean plans to change that with this feature.

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