In 2015, Nashville-based Shane Tutmarc has committed to sharing a new single every month, and Diffuser is thrilled to partner with the singer-songwriter to debut his latest track, “Suicide Weather” -- take it for a spin in the audio player below.

After packing up Dolour, the Seattle indie-pop outfit he fronted, Tutmarc moved to Nashville where he began to craft his unique garage-tinged Americana rock sound, and “Suicide Weather” is a perfect representation of his growth.

"I starting writing 'Suicide Weather' a few years ago, during my last few months living in Seattle," Tutmarc tells us. "With the promise of southern heat in my future, my last winter in Seattle was torturous. The first verse is about that."

He goes on, "I came back to the song after a few years living in Nashville, and wrote the second verse about the torturous summer's we have here. The grass is always greener. But the chorus is more of a spiritual realization, about saying 'yes' to life. It's easy to let your surroundings bring you down, but the challenge I continue to lay before me is to look the devil in the eye and say, 'I'm through with dying.' So this song definitely holds a special place in my heart, and it reminds me of what kind of person I aim to be."

"Suicide Weather" is available now; you can download it -- and stay up-to-date with everything hapepning in Tutmarc's world -- at his official website.

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