It's official: Boy-girl Brooklyn duos with a penchant for minimalism are officially a thing. And Shy Hunters are a thing you need to hear. Today, their second single, 'Stained Glass House,' is on offer for free download.

Shy Hunters have some serious cred. Before Sam Levin and Indigo Street met and started playing in various circumstances in 2009, they were already working independently as musicians supporting major heavy hitters like Yoko Ono, Marc Ribot, Jolie Holland and many more.

Their shared affinity for icy minimal shoegaze and great songwriting drew them together in 2010 and they began writing, which yielded their haunting first single, 'Time Bomb,' and the equally excellent 'Stained Glass House,' which you can grab below. If Beach House mind-melded with early Cure, the result would be somewhere in the zip code of 'Stained Glass House.'

"'Stained Glass House' is the soundtrack to a dream," Indigo tells, "a metaphor for the fragility of the imaginary worlds we create for ourselves to inhabit."

Grab 'Stained Glass House' below.

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