Shoegaze seduction, distorted innuendo and nu-London charm: These are things that describe three-piece Silver Shields.

The band's latest single, 'OverDrozd,' draws production notes from the Flaming Lips, beginning with a field recording of an excited audience. From there, we're introduced to a bass-driven theme, played over and over, culminating in a shred-head chorus.

"The track itself pays homage to the Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd, more by accident than a planned musical interpretation of the great man," the band tells "The finished mix had a similar production sound to 'Yoshimi' ['Battles the Pink Robots'] and the same sense of creative fun. That, and the fact that he's got a great surname!"

Silver Shields' eponymous new album is certainly an impressive gift from across the pond. The band are adept songwriters who've combined the shoegaze appeal of My Bloody Valentine with pop-oriented singles -- a feat not easily accomplished.

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