Hey, remember chillwave? That was kind of a drag, wasn't it? Well, thankfully the flash-in-the-pan electro subgenre has evolved enough to become something so much more emotional and fulfilling. San Francisco's Silver Swans are an excellent example of that next step -- thoughtful, complex synth work that can make you cry just as easily as it can move you to dance.

The duo's new single, 'Sea of Love,' has been remixed by Polish artist Gazella, who spins it into Kavinsky-like melancholy electronic blues.

"The newness of it all overwhelmed me with questions of the unknown, the intensity of the feelings, and the hope that what you are experiencing is truly real," Silver Swans singer Ann Yu tells Diffuser.fm. "The song is about rediscovering yourself through the eyes of your lover and about embracing their wonderment, by letting go of all fear and choosing to feel."

And Yu certainly knows a thing or two about love songs. She recently made Diffuser.fm a list of her 10 faves.

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