Released in theaters in 1992, back when supermodels starting wearing flannel on the runway and Kennedy was the hottest VJ on MTV, 'Singles' is synonymous with the grunge era. Directed by former Rolling Stone magazine writer Cameron Crowe, the movie centers around a group of 20-somethings and the ups and downs of their romantic relationships.

Set in Seattle, 'Singles' has a storyline that features a fictional grunge band with members of Pearl Jam in its ranks, and Crowe included cameo parts for Northwest scene giants like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Tad Doyle even got a speaking part in a funny scene included in the film's trailer. Ultimately, 'Singles' is nothing more than an above average romantic comedy, but if you're a fan of the era and its pop culture, it's definitely a movie to check out. decided to do some research and see where the stars of 'Singles' have been up to since its release more than 20 years ago.

Bridget Fonda, Janet Livermore

YouTube/Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Then: Touted as one of Hollywood's most promising young actresses, having appeared in such films as 'Single White Female' and 'Doc Hollywood,' Fonda played the part of hopeless romantic Janet Livermore.

Now: Since turning down the lead part in the hit television dramedy 'Ally McBeal' in the mid-'90s, Fonda has seen her career cool down quite a bit. Her last credit is for a film called 'Snow Queen' in 2002. Let's hope a straight-to-DVD 'Single White Female Part II' isn't in the future for this once-busy actress.

Campbell Scott, Steve Dunne

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Then: Campbell played Steve Dunne, a character who -- like most everyone in 'Singles' -- was struggling with relationship issues.

Now: The New York City-born actor has built quite an impressive resume since filming 'Singles,' including parts in 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' and a reoccurring role on the cable series 'Royal Pains.'

Kyra Sedgwick, Linda Powell

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Then: Before Sedgwick landed the gig, Jodie Foster and Robin Wright Penn were among the other actresses considered for the role of Linda Powell in the film.

Now: Married to Kevin Bacon since 1988, Sedgwick finished a hugely successful 109-episode run as the star of hit cable series 'The Closer' in 2012. Fun fact: Kyra and Kevin's son, Travis, is a dreadlocked crust punk!

Matt Dillon, Cliff Poncier

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Then: The former teen idol took on the role of Cliff Poncier, an aspiring grunge rock star who fronts Citizen Dick, a band featuring real-life members of Pearl Jam.

Now: Besides dating Cameron Diaz in the late '90s, Dillon has appeared in films like 'Crash' and 'Nothing But the Truth,' and he got to have a threesome with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in 1998's 'Wild Things.'

Jim True-Frost, David Bailey

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Then: Playing the African-hat-wearing character David Bailey, True-Frost brought serious acting chops to the film, having been a member of the famed Steppenwolf Theater Company. The Chicago-based group was founded by Gary Sinese and has also counted John Malkovich, Joan Allen and Dennis Farina as members.

Now: Although he might not be a household name, True-Frost still flexes his acting muscles on stage and screen, including a Broadway run of 'August: Osage County,' which won the Tony for Best Play, and five seasons playing Detective Pryzbylewski on HBO's 'The Wire.'

Sheila Kelley, Debbie Hunt

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Then: Kelley was already familiar to fans of 'L.A. Law' for her portrayal of legal secretary Gwen Taylor by the time Cameron Crowe hired her to play Debbie Hunt.

Now: Still working as an actress, Kelley is perhaps better known for another passion: a fitness program called the Pole Dancing Workout, which she is credited as founding more than a decade ago. No word if Kelley's husband -- character actor Richard Schiff ('The West Wing') -- also practices the workout routine, but wouldn't that be a sight?

Jeremy Piven, Dough Hughley

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Then: Piven played the super-annoying pharmacist Dough Hughley in 'Singles' and also worked with Crowe on 'Say Anything,' which is considered a modern classic in Gen X circles.

Now: 42 films (and one hairpiece) later, Piven's career is hotter than ever with a part in next year's 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' sure to keep his winning streak going.

James LeGros, Andy

YouTube/Craig Barritt, Getty Images

Then: LeGros rocked an unfortunate ponytail playing the part of Andy.

Now: These days, the 51-year-old actor is balancing a career in both television ('Girls') and the big screen ('Night Moves'). Judging by the recent photo we found, he might be moonlighting as a tour manager for Fleet Foxes between his acting jobs.

Ally Walker, Pam

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Then: Walker played Pam, the roommate of Sheila Kelley's character.

Now: The actress played ATF Agent June Stahl on 'Sons of Anarchy,' a character that was hated by many fans of the biker drama. Not surprisingly, the Stahl character was killed off in 2010, the third season.

Tim Burton, Brian

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Then: The maverick 'Beetlejuice' director had a small cameo as Brian, a would-be videographer who is described by another character in the film as "the next Martin Scorseez" [sic].

Now: Burton remains one of Hollywood's most influential directors, with visually stunning hits such as 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Big Fish' in his filmography. Still sporting that "I just woke up after a three-day bender" look, Burton is currently directing 'Big Eyes,' a biopic about late American artist Walter Keane and his wife Margaret.