No, Sioux City Kid are not from their namesake Iowa town. This San Francisco-based outfit is fronted by Jared Griffin, who sports a rocky Americana warble that makes him sound like he just got back from a week-long whiskey bender with Tom Waits.

So really, Sioux City don't particularly sound like Iowa or flowers-in-your-hair San Francisco. If we’re looking for a landmark in their sound, it’s more plausibly found in Griffin’s natural southern bluesy tone.

On their sophomore long-player, ‘Minutes, Miles, Troubles & Trials,’ Sioux City Kid create high-energy and infectious Americana. It complements Griffin’s sinister-sounding vocal with sweeter harmonies from his troupe of female back-up singers.

Today’s free MP3, ‘Low Down and Busted,’ is the album’s closer, and like the title indicates, it’s just a little bit “busted.” There’s a pleasing crookedness heard in all of Sioux City Kid’s output, between the rocking energy and Griffin’s bourbon-soaked singing.

When it came to writing the album’s closing track, Griffin says the song came naturally. And just as naturally, there was whiskey involved.

“I’d been sitting on this set of songs (‘Minutes, Miles, Troubles & Traits’) for a while, not knowing what song was going to round it out,” Griffin tells “Not too long before recording the album, I was sitting with a couple friends, a couple guitars and a couple bottles of whiskey. The chorus fell out of me, and I knew that I had my album closer.”

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