If you were obsessed with last year's Chainsmokers summer hit, "Kanye," then you're already familiar with sirenXX who sing on the track. The duo of Kat Ostenberg and Skyler Stonestreet caught the attention of Warner Bros. Records, who will release their debut album later this fall.

sirenXX hope to become a household name with their catchy beats and smooth vocals, as demonstrated by first single "I Think I Like You." Diffuser caught up with the Los Angeles-based group backstage at Lollapalooza to get more details on their upcoming record.

"Kanye" has over 26 millions plays on Spotify and 7 million views on YouTube. You have to turn down offers now because you're getting so many calls, right?

Kat Ostenberg: Oh yeah. We're like, "Jay-Z, no we can't work with you. Sorry. And sorry, Bey." [Laughs]

Skyler Stonestreet: It's been a really great time after the song came out and a lot of awesome opportunities [have come up]. We're super pumped to be here.

Who did you enjoy seeing at Lolla so far?

Ostenberg: I saw Paul McCartney, Cold War Kids and Alabama Shakes. And Gary Clark Jr., who is with Warner Bros. and we're with Warner Bros. too, and he's great. Then Wyclef Jean and Joey Fatone from NSYNC.


Ostenberg: It was so crazy. I'm like, "What's going on?"

Did you know he's going to be in a zombie movie?

Ostenberg: No. [Laughs]

Stonestreet: I'm an NSYNC fan for life. I don't care.

You directed the video for "I Think I Like You" on your own. Do you usually handle your own production?

Stonestreet: I have a very strong do-it-yourself approach. We were just starting and it was a really fun thing. We had a nice camera and went around Burbank and filmed a lot of things. There were amazing moments that just happened naturally like the light ray.

Ostenberg: And then Skyler didn't get to sleep for like four nights straight editing it.

Stonestreet: Meaning like two weeks. [Laughs]

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to video production, sometimes to the point of overthinking it? Could this video have been done in a week instead of two weeks?

Stonestreet: No. There were so many effects and so many different things that it was taking awhile. I had an idea that I knew would take quite a bit of time.

Ostenberg: You had the vision. I was like, "What do you mean we need a video over this?" But it was great.

Theoretically, sirenXX will become more successful and you can hire producers and directors later down the road. Would you be able to let third-party voices in?

Stonestreet: I think we'll always have a vision of what we want. We always have ideas of like the base of what it should be. We're open to outside opinions to make anything better, to make it come alive. But we'll always have ideas just stemming from us because that's how it started.

That line, "I think I like you but it's complicated," anyone over the age of 12 can relate to those words and can apply them in so many ways. Is this based on something you personally experienced or witnessed around you?

Ostenberg: We like to keep the mystery alive with that one.

Stonestreet: We wanted it to mean what it means to everybody. But I think to both of us it was a personal thing.

So now the fan fiction will be all over the internet trying to discover the true story behind "I Think I Like You." What is the status of your debut album?

Stonestreet: It's coming in October. We debuted a bunch of new songs [at Lolla].

What's the album title?

Stonestreet: We can't. Should we? No we can't.

Ostenberg: Yeah, why not?

Stonestreet: It's called Kiss Kiss.

Will the rest of Kiss Kiss sound like "I Think I Like You" or will it be all over the place?

Stonestreet: There are some songs in the same vein. Obviously there's a difference in what the moods are. There are poppier songs but there are a lot of high-energy ones. We're really excited about that.

We asked Mandy Lee of MisterWives about this too, but artists like Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry have fought back against sexism and misogynists. Do you go through the same struggles, if not worse, being an all-female band?

Stonestreet: There are always going to be a few things like on YouTube. We have to laugh it off because even some of them that are really harsh and inappropriate you can't let it get to you. It's not how you are anyways. There are other people who don't think that. We just try to focus on the people that like the music.

Ostenberg: We're just strong females so I don't think anybody wants to mess with us.

Stonestreet: We'll cut a b---h.

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