Being a buzz band in New York City is tough.

First, there’s all the great music you have to write. Then there’s the adoring fans. The endless touring. Getting up early to do press. Late-night partying and tequila drinking. Wait … what?

SKATERS -- a four-piece from NYC’s Chinatown area whose sound has shades of post-punk, electro-pop, and indie rock -- were missing three of their four members when they stopped by HQ earlier this summer. The plan had been to talk shop with the full band about the origin of their name (apparently, none of the guys actually skateboard), their catchy-as-hell single ‘I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)’ and their upcoming tour with the red-hot U.K. act Palma Violets (dates here).

But lead singer and songwriter Michael Ian Cummings, clad in a red Hawaiian button-down and sunglasses, looking a little dazed, was the only one to show. And he was up front with us: The previous night had been a long one, and the rest of the guys wouldn’t be coming in. He was hungover and hadn’t showered, so we immediately offered him Utz potato chips and Sprite. "Who does this guy think he is, a rock star or something?" we thought. Oh. Right. Makes perfect sense.

Luckily, Cummings was game for a chat, and he answered tough questions about parental approval, band branding, SKATERS musical style and Spotted Dick pudding. Check out the footage below.