And suddenly a thrashing blur emanated from Mystic, Ct. ...

This mythos is an apt description of post-punks Slander and their latest single 'Magnets,' a roaring anthem filled with dark rock goodness. 

Singer Julia Farrar, surrounded by glass-shattering guitars, howls through the song like a young Karen O, screaming, “I can make you want it!”

Elements of psych-pop and noise rock fill in all the gaps with a fine cement, hurling the song forward like a toaster toward an electro-magnet.

“‘Magnets’ pointed us in a direction we were searching for and expanded the palette considerably,” the group tells Slander’s first release, 'World As Museum,' came out last 2012 and showcased the group’s punk-rock chops.

Now the five piece have teamed up with Brooklyn-based vet Daniel Schlett (DIIV, Friends) to lay down some brand new tracks. The single 'Magnets' and its B side, 'Ghosts,' show off the duality of Slander, who are able to wax poetic like Deerhunter or compose dirges worthy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
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