Today, we bring you 'Flower Girl,' the first single from classic rock throwbacks Sleep Study. The swinging sock-hop anthem teems with authenticity, almost blowing its rock 'n roll top off when singer Ryan Paul Plewacki gets to the hook, "Everyone's gunnin' for you."

At first, it's a bit confusing to determine exactly what era Sleep Study is from. They rock like the late '60s, look like they were born in the early '80s and rock sunglasses that scream '99. But truth be told, the critic-pleasing quartet formed just last year in Minneapolis, where the members have been rocking alongside veterans like the Honeydogs, Kid Dakota and Jeremy Messersmith for years. When the members decided to come together and form Sleep Study, it wasn't long before media outlets turned their heads. In just their first year of existence, the band has been praised by everyone from 89.3 The Current to The Austin Chronicle. caught up with Ryan, who told us, "I guess it’s time that we fess up about what 'Flower Girl' actually means. In the spirit of 'American Woman' by the Guess Who, 'Flower Girl' is a face to represent an image of 'the greatest country on earth.' The vision of this great country will tirelessly push and fight until we are the center of attention and will piss and spit so that we stay there. With this mentality, the more the rest of the world despises us, the stronger we become."

Find out what all the buzz is about by clicking below and getting your copy of 'Flower Girl' now.

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