Death isn't necessarily a laughing matter, but Sleepy Hahas bring some fun to the morbid concept in their video for 'Nooses.'

With a highly saturated color palate and lo-fi analog quality to the filming, the video shows the Buffalo band goofing around in monochrome white button-down shirts with black ties and slacks. Singer and guitarist Pat Butler is front and center, giving a straight -up performance of the song, but the rest of the group forms around him like they're parts of a human flower.

With the psychedelic guitar riffs and quick-steady drumming, the song packs a bit of urgency, which carries over to the video. It's not just a bunch of guys running around the park; the Grim Reaper is there too with a noose and ready to claim some victims.

You can watch the video -- an exclusive premiere -- above. The song comes from Sleepy Hahas' debut album, 'Dull Days.'