The sleek and simple 30-second commercial for the new iPhone 5c gets an appropriately sleek and simple soundtrack. Sleigh Bells' 'Rill Rill,' from their 2010 debut album 'Treats,' underscores Apple's new 'Plastic Perfected' clip, which you can watch above.

As frontwoman Alexis Krauss sings, "You're all alone, friend / Pick up the phone then /
Ring ring call them up. tell them about the new trends," candy colored globs of liquid plastic begin to take shape as new iPhones.

By the end of the spot, five new phones -- including pink, green and yellow ones -- stand in line, showing off the colorful new designs.

The song -- one of our favorites by Sleigh Bells -- fits the ad, slipping into the peaceful images of melting plastic like it was specifically written to sell iPhones. Plus, the soothing rhythm that pulls along 'Rill Rill' draws your eyes to the random bursts of colors that snap together into shiny new phones. We totally want one. Maybe we could even give Krauss a ring.

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