This year has been a busy one for Sleigh Bells. Back in February, the duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller released their sophomore album, ‘Reign of Terror,’ and they've been touring extensively to promote it. The band has also unveiled plans for a brand-new record, tentatively scheduled for a 2013 release.

The ambitious pair refuse to let their recent success intimidate them -- instead, they thrive on it. “Success never paralyzes us … It pushes us forward constantly," Krauss said in a recent interview. She went on to say that they are “half-way through the new record.” As Miller put it, “We'll have three full-length albums in three years.”

While they may be quick to produce new music, they also recognize the importance of not rushing through the recording process. "We have to have that final, polished package before taking the road," Krauss said.

Sleigh Bells’ third album doesn’t have a name yet, but they hinted that their new music embraces a more melodic, R&B-style sound. "I use my voice in more of a, dare I say, traditional way," Krauss said. Miller, meanwhile, described the forthcoming record as “a lot more clean... it might sound surprising."

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