Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan performed a new tune titled 'The Rite of Spring' for the first time on Tuesday during a party celebrating the band's forthcoming 'Oceania' album, whihcwas held on a yacht cruising around Lake Michigan. The boat bash gathered friends, family and acquaintances of Corgan and his bandmates for a sip of 'Oceania,' which is currently streaming on iTunes ahead of its Tuesday release.

"I could swear I played this song live before, but I actually looked on the Internet -- I Googled myself -- and couldn't actually find any evidence that I'd actually played this song," Corgan said before launching into the jangly and melodic number, part of a short solo set he performed above deck with the Chicago skyline glowing behind him. "Mr. Internet Man, it was written around the same time as 'Owata,' if you were curious. Back when I didn't write any good songs, according to the Internet."

Corgan said the reaction to 'Oceania' has been extremely inspirational. "It's the most positive the fan base has been since the '90s," he later said during the cruise. "Literally every album I've made since 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness' -- 'Adore,' 'Machina,' the Zwan album, 'Future Embrace' and 'Zeitgeist' -- it's like I had to f---ing hear it: 'It's not this. It's too much that. It's too dark. It's too weird.' This is the first time everyone's like, 'Wow, I like it.'"

Watch Billy Corgan Perform New Song 'The Rite of Spring' on a Boat

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