Did you know that the Smashing Pumpkins released a movie back in 1994, a year after their seminal album 'Siamese Dream' came out? You might have, if you were a teenager during the '90s. The Pumpkins were everywhere in 1994, and they got to make a silly rock movie. Billy Corgan's penchant for making up flowery-sounding words came in handy in choosing the title, 'Vieuphoria.'

The DVD release included what came to be known as "the lost '94 tapes." It also includes interview footage with one Manny "Chevrolet" Bruno, who would go on to run for mayor of New Orleans in a bid for attention. Bruno joined the band while they were in the studio recording 'Siamese Dream.' Butch Vig seems to be trolling poor Manny at times, but that's what you get from ol' Butch.

'Vieuphoria' also included one of the most kick-ass versions of 'Disarm' ever recorded. It is a live performance for British television. Instead of a quiet, string-filled ballad like the album version, the band plays 'Disarm' at full volume, complete with heavy distortion and ear-piercing feedback.

There's also footage of the band playing one of their riffy-est songs, 'Geek U.S.A.,' in Munich. Apparently there was a cup-throwing problem, because Corgan opened the show by pleading with the audience to "stoppen ze throwen ze cuppen." Everything worked out, though -- at least long enough for the band to tear through a blazing rendition of the song. Seriously, check out how fast Jimmy Chamberlain is playing all of those crazy fills and bass drum parts. And he doesn't even look like he's working that hard.

We'll leave you with this snippet from 'Vieuphoria,' in which we're given a glimpse inside the mind of original Pumpkins bassist D'Arcy Wretzky. She looks positively cute on her rocking horse, even though her relationship with horses, much like her relationship with Corgan, would grow rocky. Corgan fired Wretzky in 1999 -- either that, or she left on her own to pursue an acting career. Then in 2011, she was arrested for failing to appear in court to settle a matter of her not controlling her horses.