Apocalyptic London post-punk whatevers Snapped Ankles conjure up images of seizure-plagued dancing and factories -- complete with Beck-inspired sound effects.

Doesn't the name Snapped Ankles just make you think of a bunch of people dancing so damn hard their feet snap off? The group's synth-kissed compositions are grounded in aggressive, jolting rhythms that could definitely contribute to a snapping of bones in the right (wrong?) dancefloor scenario. The sounds they produce aren't industrial in a traditional Skinny Puppy-sense, but we can't help picture a Willy Wonka assembly line scene set to the sounds of 'Nowhere,' today's free MP3.

"'Nowhere' is the very first recording from Snapped Ankles," SA's Peter Ashtray told Diffuser.fm, describing this, a rare B-side from their latest release. "It's an early version of the second track off our new single played as best we could in a very cold, empty warehouse; hence the cold, empty echo on the drums."

"[Drummer] Emily left us shortly after this, and Giorgio took her place in the cold seat," he added. "This track now is our standard warmup song."

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