Snowblink are an absolute must-hear in the new music landscape. Toronto transplants originally from San Francisco, their sound is subtle and sophisticated, and the songs are instantly alluring. Their debut, 'Long Live,' earned them widespread acclaim and spots opening for Jeff Tweedy, Timber Timbre and other greats. Their second record, 'Inner Classics,' is forthcoming on Arts and Crafts, and today we get a sneak peek at the single 'Black and White Mountains.'

"I wrote 'Black and White Mountains' around the time of the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull in 2010," singer Daniela Gesundheit tells "Volcanoes begin with the wild, raw matter of their eruptions -- lava, gas, ash and smoke -- and as the lava cools it can become several different types of rock depending on its surroundings and conditions at the time of cooling. Much of volcanic rock eventually becomes fertile soil. When writing 'Black and White,' I set out to explore this theme of the destructive, bullying volcano settling into something calm, beautiful and nourishing with time."

The song indeed unfurls with the ethereal, delicate scroll of volcano smoke. Grab it below, and watch out for 'Inner Classics' on Sept. 11 on Arts and Crafts.

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