The records that Social Distortion have put out for indie labels throughout their career are being compiled in one collection. On Oct. 28, they will release The Independent Years: 1983 - 2004, which will be released on four differently colored vinyl discs.

The box begins with their debut, 1983's Mommy's Little Monster, which, true to their punk roots, was recorded in a single day in late-1982. It took them five years to release a follow-up, Prison Bound, saw them add a touch of Johnny Cash to their sound and cover the Rolling Stones' "Back Street Girl." 1995's Mainliner (Wreckage From the Past) is a collection of singles-and-b-sides that had not previously been available on albums and includes another Stones song ("Under My Thumb") The fourth record, Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll was a tribute to founding guitarist Dennis Dannell, who died in 2000. It marked their return to an independent label after years on Epic, where they helped push punk rock into the mainstream on the strength of "Ball and Chain" and their cover of Cash's "Ring of Fire."

You can find the track-listing below and pre-order the box at either Social Distortion's website or Amazon. The version that's at their online store comes with a limited-edition lithograph of a guitar headstock that has been signed by frontman Mike Ness.

Social Distortion, 'The Independent Years: 1983 - 2004' Track Listing

'Mommy’s Little Monster' (red translucent vinyl)

Side One
1. "The Creeps"
2. "Another State of Mind"
3. "It Wasn't A Pretty Picture"
4. "Telling Them"

Side Two

1. "Hour of Darkness"
2. "Mommy's Little Monster"
3. "Anti-Fashion"
4. "All the Answers"
5. "Moral Threat"

'Prison Bound' (clear concrete swirl translucent vinyl)

Side One

1. "It's the Law"
2. "Indulgence"
3. "Like an Outlaw (For You)"
4. "Backstreet Girl"
5. "Prison Bound"

Side Two

1. "No Pain No Gain"
2. "On My Nerves"
3. "I Want What I Want"
4. "Lawless"
5. "Lost Child"

'Mainliner (Wreckage From the Past)' (clear translucent vinyl)

Side One

1. "1945 (Posh Boy Version)"
2. "Playpen (Posh Boy Version)"
3. "Mainliner"
4. "Moral Threat"
5. "All the Answers"

Side Two

1. "Justice for All"
2. "Under My Thumb"
3. "1945 (13th Floor Version)"
4. "Playpen (13th Floor Version)"
5. "Mass Hysteria"

'Sex, Love and Rock ‘N’ Roll' (gold translucent vinyl)

Side One

1. "Reach for the Sky"
2. "Highway 101"
3. "Don't Take Me for Granted"
4. "Footprints on My Ceiling"
5. "Nickels and Dimes"

Side Two

1. "I Wasn't Born to Follow"
2. "Winner And Losers"
3. "Faithless"
4. "Live Before You Die"
5. "Angel's Wings"

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