Whether or not you're a fan of Sia's monster hit, 'Chandelier,' it'll be worth your time to check out Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche's hypnotic version. While Lerche doesn't perform the vocal acrobatics that are Sia's trademark, his arrangement and performance make the cover something unique.

Lerche recorded and released the song via Stereogum as a continuation of a yearly holiday tradition that's been going on for a while now. He said in a statement he chose the song for a number of reasons. For one, he wanted to record a song that people would connect with instantly. He also said he wanted to switch up the genders.

...I was curious what might happen if a male singer sang those words of desperation and self-analysis, instead of passing judgement on a troubled party girl. As overtly sensitive and desperately earnest as the male singer/songwriter has gotten in our time, it still seems unusual for a man to expose vulnerabilities in the way that Sia does in her song. But there’s no reason to assume party boys aren’t self-medicating as much as any party girl.

Lerche says recording his own take on 'Chandelier' was a labor of love. The whole process apparently took 12 hours, with the help of engineer Matias Tellez. This is the fifth cover Lerche has done, and we thank him. Listen to it below.