Sonic Youth aren't exactly known for sappy romance, and the video for 'Dirty Boots,' the lead single off their 1990 major-label debut, 'Goo,' isn't romantic in the traditional way. But any young rocker with raging hormones who has spent time in a coed mosh pit will relate to the short, which features a long-haired skater boy and a cute indie girl sporting a Nirvana T-shirt (a year before 'Nevermind' broke, no less!) shyly eying each other as they body slam at a SY concert. Just as the band gets to the blissed-out guitar jam near the end, the boy and girl jump up onstage and start making out, until bouncers come by and the couple stage-dives to freedom. Ah, to live and to love in the pit!


Watch Sonic Youth's Video for 'Dirty Boots'