It's pretty much common knowledge that Soundgarden's 1994 album 'Superunknown' is the crowning moment in their career. It's not only their first and only No. 1 album, plus their all-time biggest seller, it's also the album that made them stars.

More importantly, the grunge-era classic is loaded with great songs, like 'Fell on Black Days,' 'Black Hole Sun' and 'Spoonman.' And in June, 'Superunknown' will get a superexpanded with tons of additional material from the era.

The record will be available in two new deluxe editions on June 3. The two-disc version will include the original 1994 album remastered plus an additional CD filled with 16 demos, B-sides, instrumental takes and remixes.

The 'Super Deluxe' edition includes an expanded version of that extra disc, piling on entire CDs dedicated to B-Sides, demos and rehearsals. There will also be a Blu-ray audio 5.1 disc, just in case you want you ears to be assaulted from all sides.

And if you're one of those vinyl-only types, there's a set coming out with five 10-inch records featuring 'Superunknown''s five singles plus their flip sides.