Soundgarden weren't exactly the most video-friendly band going into the '90s. They had lots of hair, dressed like lumberjacks on vacation and looked like they probably smelled of cigarettes and beer. But then alt-rock hit the jackpot, and Soundgarden were suddenly all over the radio and MTV. Their videos got artsier, and they cleaned up ... a little, as you'll see in our list of the Top 10 Soundgarden Videos.

  • 'Black Hole Sun'

    Little surprise that Soundgarden's best song and biggest hit (from their greatest album) would yield their best video. Twisted and surreal, the doomsday 'Black Hole Sun' takes a literal approach.

  • 'Live to Rise'

    This is the first song the band wrote and recorded after their 2010 reunion. It appeared in 2012's 'Avengers' movie and on the soundtrack album, but didn't show up on the comeback LP 'King Animal.'

  • 'Fell on Black Days'

    The follow-up to 'Black Hole Sun' takes a similar, mid-tempo path. But the video, unlike 'Sun''s surreal apocalypse, is a straightforward (and black-and-white) performance clip of the band.

  • 'Black Rain'

    Recorded in 1991 during the 'Badmotorfinger' sessions but not released until 2010's 'Telephantasm' compilation, 'Black Rain' was the band's first new music in 13 years. The animated video suits the mood.

  • 'Burden in My Hand'

    The second video released from 1996's 'Down on the Upside' features the band and a long trek over a dusty desert. The desolate tone of the clip fits the music's rustic guitar lines.

  • 'Spoonman'

    'Spoonman' was inspired by a Seattle-based street performer who plays music on a set of spoons. He's prominently featured in the video, showing off his skills, while the band takes a secondary role.

  • 'Rusty Cage'

    Soundgarden sound tough, hard and brutal on this cut from 1991's 'Badmotorfinger.' So why are they running away from various threats -- like a dog and farmers -- in this video?

  • 'Blow Up the Outside World'

    Directed by a member of Devo, the video for 'Down on the Upside''s third single takes a cue from 'A Clockwork Orange,' with Chris Cornell forced to watch a movie while scientists look on.

  • 'Pretty Noose'

    There are two versions of the video for 'Pretty Noose.' The original incorporates animation and is kind of a mess. We prefer this one -- a straight-up performance clip by the band doing what it does best.

  • 'Been Away Too Long'

    The first single from Soundgarden's 2012 reunion album 'King Animal' piles on the mood, with slow-mo camera shots, low angles and hazy filtering. The band, though, is a no-show.

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