A new service wants to transcend streaming service boundaries and let you listen to curated playlists on any platform you choose.

Soundsgood lets users browse playlists and then either listen to them on the service's web app or open them up via a streaming service like YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer or Spotify. "Connected to all the streaming platforms, Soundsgood is the new music discovery service to listen to playlists curated by top influencers," goes the mission statement at the top of their blog.

The service doesn't currently support Apple Music or Tidal. "Soundsgood is meant to be the place where curators can make their playlists available on all streaming platforms, effortlessly, co-founder Louis Viallet tells Diffuser. "My partners Josquin Farge (CEO), David Billamboz (CTO) and I (CMO) are currently improving Soundsgood's integration with Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and SoundCloud and will announce new sources as we go along."

The result is a curatorial service that doesn't silo its curators into specific pay-per-play environments. That's a current problem for people who, for example, love the Spotify playlist curator SpinGrey, but don't love Spotify.

The playlists are created by Soundsgood's cast of curators, most of whom, like the service itself, are based in France and lean heavily on French music. The service claims to have more than 1,300 curators, though some, like music magazines and events, are more prominent. Anyone can become a curator, however, and as the service becomes more global in reach, so will its playlist offerings.

"[Soundsgood] draws from all kind of people, from eclectic music fans to top notch influencers who shape the contemporary culture like Les inRocKs or the Belgian Dour Festival," Viallet says. "It's time for us to also call the U.S. DJs, artists, journalists, bloggers, labels, festivals, and music fans to start sharing their playlists to all the music fans no matter what streaming platform they use."