When the going got grunge, Spacehog got glam, and that made all the difference. Back in the '90s, when their peers went out of their way to look and sound drab, these English-born NYC transplants brought some Queen-ly flair and T. Rex-ian bite to the alt-rock scene, scoring hits with the likes of 'In the Meantime' and 'Cruel to be Kind.'

In April, the band released 'As It Is On Earth,' their first album since 2001, and a few weeks back, frontman Royston Langdon grabbed his guitar, teased up his quiff (or maybe it naturally stands up that way) and traveled up to Diffuser.fm's Manhattan HQ for a special acoustic performance. The genial Englishman served up 'Love Is a Curious Thing,' a killer tune from the new record, and afterward, he offered to tart up the audio with a bit of echo and delay.

We took him up on it, and the resulting video is below. Take a gander, and if -- nay, when -- you fall in love with the infectious track, visit Spacehog's official website for more information.

Watch Spacehog's Royston Langdon Perform 'Love Is a Curious Thing' at Diffuser.fm