We'd like to think blues-rock icon Jack White would be flattered there's an insane dance move named in his honor. According to New York funksters Spirit Animal, 'The Black Jack White' requires throwing your fists in the air, doing a little two-step and shaking your hands like they've gone to sleep.

It seems ridiculous (and it is), but just try to listen to this Nic Hard remix without getting it stuck in your noggin. It's also not a stretch that this tune could become a late-summer club sensation. The digital gurgles, combined with singer Steve Cooper's howl, sound like the Rapture and Daft Punk had a baby that could pop and lock right out of the womb.

"Nic's a good friend and we've been talking about working together for a while now," Spirit Animal tells Diffuser.fm. "With this remix, we wanted to tap into that electro-pop element and turn 'The Black Jack White' into a whole new kind of dance

"We love the stuff he did with Ghost Beach, so when we decided to put out the remix EP it was a no-brainer that we wanted Nic involved," the group adds.

Spirit Animal's 'Kingdom Phylum EP' drops Oct. 1 on all online retailers.

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